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Welcome to Tagaloa Tradition, the online learning platform that helps you learn to speak and understand the Samoan Language and Culture, key traits to your Samoan Identity.

This is the beginning of your journey, remembering who you are and where you are from. Welcome Home... Let's begin.

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Introduction To Tagaloa Tradition

By Rev Falefatu Enari

The Spirituality Of The Samoan Culture

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Let's dive deep into the Samoan traditions understanding from our Legends the moral values we inherited from our ancestors.

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by Rebecca A.

How grateful I am to connect with "Tagaloatradition" via Marianne. It resonates deeply within the heart. My heart has been moved by this series. Thank you, thank you!"


Jerilee B.

"Super excited to have found a feeling of peace and place where ideas can be heard and understanding, change, and love are on everyone’s mind. Thank you for putting this out there."


by Kane A.

These courses are so valuable to me, Learning more about Tagaloa Tradition has been very rewarding, and the community is the cherry on top."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Anyone who wishes to understand the key concepts of our Fa'aSamoa and how they apply in daily life in Samoa and the Diaspora is welcomed to join.

These lessons when practiced daily they become the characteristics of the cultural traits that define our Identity as a Samoan!

What is the Tagaloa Tradition Community?

The Tagaloa Tradition Community consists of the sons and daughters of Samoa in the Diaspora. Every Member, though valleys and oceans apart, share a strong sense of belonging to the Homeland, our Heritage, our Roots. And it is the humble humility with which we seek a deeper understanding of our Samoaness that keeps us Culturally Connected and Spiritually Grounded.

The Holy Communion of the Kava Ceremony

Is there an age limit?

Ageism is not a factor with the Tagaloa Tradition Community. As a matter of fact, we encourage members to study and watch webinars together as a family, especially the live presentation on "Unlocking the Spirituality of our Samoan Culture" with Rev Enari on Sundays.

Any takeaways?

The best takeaway is the knowledge that women were held in the highest esteem in the true Samoan Way. They held the Title of Feagaiga, but was given to the Pastor when the Church came. So the love and respect Samoa give the Pastor is the love and respect Samoa gave the women as the Feagaiga. Did you know we have our own Creation Story and Tagaloa is the name of the God of our Ancestors, and the God of all Polynesia?Just some takeaways in stored for you.

What is the Tagaloa Tradition Culture?

The Culture of Tagaloa Tradition is about community. We all left Samoa for one reason only; “For a better life.” Fifty years ago, when a person left for New Zealand, the Faife’au came for Lotu. The family would put on a feast. A busload of family and friends came to see you off.

When we leave home, it's not for a better life just for our aiga... but for the community and the whole country.

Your Tautua of remittances is the highest revenue stream into our economy. MALO FAAFETAI LE TAUTUA.

What is the Tagaloa Tradition Code?

Tagaloa Tradition is the Spirituality that teaches how to learn, live and love our:

  • Samoan Language and Culture,
  • Our Ancestors, and
  • Tagaloaalagi, the Spirit God of the Land!

The following is expected of our members:

  • Respect – this is the pillar for a strong community
  • Humility – this is an ego-free zone
  • Kindness - this is Love e-motion.

What started Tagaloa Tradition?

Samoa in the Diaspora have been trying to make sense of the dual identity that comes with it; a challenge for our young people because it's never talked about until the world we left collide with the world we came to give our children.

That is what started Tagaloa Tradition. It’s a digital Faleula where we meet for an exchange in real-time.

Depression is a reality among our young people and it is a thing of the past if communication is open and available. Consciously designing our lifestyle by sharing ideas, tips, tools, and tricks, is a happier and more engaging path.